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The Great Night Market at Venice Piazza started three months ago, showcasing a wide array of food choices for all foodies at a very reasonable price. August 25,2011 marked a feast for all food bloggers because it was time that we try the cuisines that the place has to offer. I was fortunately invited to this event! I made sure that I’ve got my stomach prepared for this exciting food adventure! I’ve been to a similar place also in Bonifacio Global City and I expect that this would at least surpass my high standards when it comes to food.

Oh well, let’s start with a quick glance at what you can see at the Night Market and not to forget the food that you have to try when you have the chance to visit the place.

For those craving for grilled food and some street food (just like me) there is Duday’s Ihaw-Ihaw! Price ranges from 60 to 120 bucks, with rice, take note!

Next stop is for people who are a fan of Chinese cuisines.  Poland Hopia offers superb Chinese food! The owner of the store was so friendly to the bloggers who wanted to try their specialties. Of course the food was oh-so good!! All of them!! Literally!!

Try also the Korean food at K Bop Diner. They have affordable Korean food available just for you! I am really not into Korean food so I let my fellow bloggers taste the food and they loved what this stall served them.

Want some Nachos, Tacos, Burritos and Quesadilla? Well, they have it all here at Mexicanto!

Are you a Pasta lover? Well, the Pastas and some Italian dishes from Simply Delicioso are a must-try! It’s owned by a foreign guy who was so eager for me to try his Pastas. And after trying it, I have to say that it was indeed simply delicioso!!

After all the eating, it’s time for some desserts at Med Chef Hasset! This is haven for someone who has a sweet tooth! Not to mention the price, you can get three kinds of cake slices for just a hundred bucks! Affordable, isn’t it!? All the cakes I got were delicious by the way!

I also dropped by a stall that offers tea. (cold tea). I am not into teas but there’s no harm in trying! They offer free taste anyway! And to my surprise, it was good! It was my first time to drink a flavored tea. Try dropping by at Ai Tea.

There are a lot of other stalls that offer various dishes at the Night Market, sad thing I wasn’t able to taste them all! And by the way, the Crispy Liempo from Carlos’ Kitchen is absolutely a must-try! Too bad I wasn’t able to take a photo of it!

The dishes offered at the Night Market at Venice Piazza  definitely surpassed or even went beyond the expectations of my taste buds!  Taste-wise, I was speechless! and price-wise it was also budget-friendly! So I will surely come back for another gastronomic adventure at the Venice Piazza!

The Great Night Market at the Venice Piazza is open from Mon-Thurs. 10pm to4am.


Tagaytay Highlands is a highly-exclusive Country Club just few minutes away from the busy life in the Metro. Me and my friends decided to visit the place to relax, bond and just enjoy our overnight stay at the  Highlands.

The first thing that you will see upon entry to the place is the perfectly-landscaped greenery that would really make you appreciate nature’s finest.

Me and my friends reached the place around 11am, dropped-off our things at the Highlands Inn, rested for a few minutes at our hotel room, then around 12nn, we decided to look for a good resto for lunch.

We ate at Toscana, a Japanese restaurant at the Country Club.

They serve authentic Japanese cuisine.  The food was good as well as the service.  Aside from Japanese food, the Highlands has tons of international gastronomic treats—-from Filipino cuisines to Thai to Italian and a lot more.  Overall, being at the Highlands was a food adventure for us.  It was a great place for all foodies, try as much restos as you can! for sure you will enjoy it!  Not to mention the nice view from the restos near the  pool area at  the Country Club and the lush greens at the Golf Club. Unfortunately, since we were there on a weekday, we were not able to try Geraldine’s Ice Cream Parlour and Snack Bar which was only open on weekends.

Being at the Highlands will not be complete without the cable car ride—The cable car will take you to the highest peak of the Highlands which gives you a magnificent view of the upper side of the mountain. It will take you to-and-from the Country Club and Golf Club. This was similar to that of  the cable car at Hong Kong only the zipline was shorter.

The Highlands was also perfect for all sports buff. It can be a venue for all types of sports—-swimming, golf, badminton, valleyball, horseback riding, fishing and any kind of sports you could ever imagine.  Since we all love to swim, swimming was something really fun for us!  Thumbs up to the excellent landscaping at the pool area! This gives you a nice ambiance while you swim. You can also try the indoor pool at the Sports Club.

Next was our tour to the Animal Farm. It was a well-maintained animal sanctuary which featured several types of fishes, birds, monkeys, snakes and even a big tiger! It was ages since I last visited a place similar to this. It was like I was back in High School or Premed having to learn and see animals for a Science class.  (My friend, Lalaine Postrano on the photo).

I will not forget Lalaine saying, “Pagkain! Pagkain! Pahinging pagkain!” upon hearing the loud roar of the tiger at the Animal Farm!

It also amazed me seeing the small monkeys eating corn. I suddenly remembered my teachers back in High School discussing the remarkable behavioral similarities of humans and monkeys.

Sad thing we were not able to try the Fanicular ride (a train ride to-and-from the Golf Club down to the Midlands) due to technical maintenance.

I’ve heard good things about their Spa and Lodge. We were not able to try it due to time constraints and it was a bit expensive than regular spas (roughly 1000++ per head).

Before we left the Highlands, upon seeing a perfect view of the Taal Lake near the exit area, good thing Kuya Larry (the one who drove the car and fetched us) stopped the car so we could take some group pictures.

Since the Highlands is an exclusive (members-only) Country Club, a good trick is to find a member that could sponsor your stay.  Another thing,  it’s better to bring your own car upon visiting Highlands because sometimes there were time intervals with regards to the availability of the shuttle service. I think it’s also better to go there on a weekend since some restos such as Geraldine’s were only open on weekends. I think Trellis Grill was available on weekends too!  However, Highlands is a bit crowded on weekends according to some employees there.

Our stay at Highlands was so much fun! Aside from all the activities the place could offer, nothing beats the moments we’ve captured, the stories we’ve shared and the time we’ve spent with each other. I hope to spend more time with you guys again and again! Thank you for the gift of friendship! Hugs and kisses!!!

Photos by Jayson Porte and Lalaine Postrano

Being a loyal customer of Ebuystore, it’s time for me to write a blog about it.  Roughly more than a year  ago, my primary phone got busted… I decided to bring it to the repair shop but it seemed that there was no way of getting it back to its perfect condition… Wanting to buy a nice gadget to replace my beloved phone, I sold my secondary phone at that time (Samsung Softbank 706sc in pink), to buy a new one… I added some petty cash to buy a phone that would fit my needs and of course, my budget!

My problem was, what cellphone will I get? I thought of it for a few weeks and decided that I wanted a Sony Ericsson K770i in purple.

I browsed the net for days to find a cheap K770i. I saw a  local website (a popular site especially when it comes to gadget selling, I think its quite inappropriate to name-drop though). Most sellers over that site  were offering the gadget for 6,000Php to 7,000Php at that time, (as mentioned, that was over a year ago),  but take note that most phones on that site were second hand. I realized that it was way better to purchase a brand new phone for quality purposes.

I tried to search for websites that offer brand new phones. Some sites offer the K770i at a price that would really hurt my pocket.

I patiently searched and searched and I ended up at Ebuystore.com.ph, the phone that I planned on purchasing was priced at 6,500Php. Free shipping, take note!—Really cheap compared to buying a second hand phone at that moment worth 6,000-7,000Php at the site I previously viewed (this was the price of a second hand k770i over a year ago). Imagine paying for a second hand phone that was priced even higher than that of a brand new unit! Illogical! Right!?

Before purchasing, of course, I viewed the site’s feedback. The feedback from their buyers were impressive enough. Other responses from buyers on the other hand, were posted on a different website, which was a bit contradicting than those posted on their site—some were complaining on customer relations issues and the like…

At first I was hesitant to place an order due to those complaints. But I really wanted to buy the phone at the same time, not hurting my pocket that much. So I called up and asked the sales representative if the K770i specifically the purple one was available, and luckily, it was! So I eventually placed an order.

The following day (noontime), I paid for the gadget by depositing the money via their bank account. I followed up to inform them that payment had been made. They said that the tracking number for the shipment of my item will be provided few hours later (by 8PM to be specific).

I called up 8PM to get the tacking number for my item and got it! They said, I will be getting the phone the following day. All in all, the item will be received 24 hours after payment was done. Quick enough! Right!?

As promised, my phone was delivered right at my doorstep just on time! I excitedly opened the package and got hold of my awesome K770i in purple! I thoroughly tested the phone and it worked really well as expected!

Two weeks after I purchased my phone, I checked their site again and the K770i was 100Php cheaper from the time I bought it. Note that they offer free shipping!—-Convenient especially to those who doesn’t want the hassles of going to the mall or those whose schedules are full.

Few months after I purchased the K770i, all of a sudden, I badly missed my pink phone which I sold. So I gave Ebuystore a ring to get a a pink phone. I decided to purchase an Ericsson W595 in pink.

This time, it took roughly two days before I got the phone. According to them, it will take a day to confirm the my payment with the bank, so it took two days before the phone was delivered to our doorstep. But  at least, the item came in  excellent condition, as expected!—-and of course, at a reasonable price (during that time, a brand new W595 was 9,500 to 10,000Php) but I got it for 9,100Php at  Ebuystore, but of course, the phone is currently way cheaper nowadays (than over a year ago). Try to check their site for prices. As always, every item was free shipping! Very convenient for me.

My third transaction from Ebuystore came when I wanted to buy a new camera, since my Dad wanted to have a camera of his own, I decided to give him my old digital camera as a birthday present and just buy a new one for me.

Since I have a pink phone which I bought from Ebuystore, why not pair it with a pink camera! I got a pink Canon Ixus 95IS.

On my third purchase, it took quite a while before I got the item since it was preordered abroad. But nonetheless, the wait was worth it! plus,  just like my previous purchases, prices were way cheaper than in malls or in other online sellers.

I was always satisfied with the products I got from Ebuystore. Good thing they thought of a lot of ways to reach out to their customers—such as being active on Facebook and Twitter. Plus three sales representatives to attend to your queries over at YM.

Ebuystore is indeed a one-stop-shop for  our electonic needs.  Aside from the latest cellphones and cameras (both professional and point-and-shoot, and camera lenses), Apple products and computers are also available, game consoles too! Even spy cameras! Ebuystore is really a haven for every tech-savvy.

Just an advice to those who are planning to buy gadgets at Ebuystore, just be patient in following up your item as they are dealing with lots of clients and as to avoid conflicts with regards to your package.

Ebuystore: Brand new gadgets but won’t hurt your pocket! Gadgets at low prices indeed! Thumbs up! More power!

Post Script: Reviews of the gadgets that I have will be posted soon!

Few years back, while watching an international lifestyle show (Discovery Travel and Living), they suddenly featured Razon’s of Guagua—A Philippine-based, not-so-fancy resto that specializes in best of the country’s delicacies such as halo-halo, pancit luglug and some pastries to mention a few.

Being a bit curious with Razon’s Halo-Halo, I decided to look for a branch of Razon’s which was quite near our place (Paranaque), and I did found one! (In Mall of Asia).

Who would have imagined a Halo-Halo with only three ingredients would make me go crazy and crave for more each time I had the time to drop by Razon’s.

Their very own Halo-Halo only has three main ingredients—-Bananas (saging-saba), Macapuno  (Sweetened Coconut Strips) and Leche Flan (Caramel Custard) to top it all up!—A minimalist type, as they say!

Being a minimalist kind of Halo-Halo makes it stand among rest!—-Other stores that offer Halo-Halo has this weird taste due to its overflowing bunch of ingredients and at the end of the day, you can’t really distinguish a distinct taste at all!—-This is definitely not the case at Razon’s.

After few months of eating at the MOA branch, to my delight, when I went shopping at Alabang Town Center (ATC), I saw a another branch of Razon’s over at the foodcourt! and since then, I never failed to grab a glass Razon’s Halo-Halo whenever I am at ATC since it was nearer our home (BF Homes) compared to the MOA branch.

All of a sudden,  a branch of Razon’s was at my reach just inside our village! Isn’t that oh-so great!? There was always a big smile on my face whenever my Dad buys one for me!

I’ve been eating at Razon’s for a couple of years now, but still, they never fail to satisfy my taste buds. The branch inside our village also offers delivery services, so whenever I crave for a Halo-Halo, I just give them a call and eat my Halo-Halo at the comforts of our home!

Grabbing a glass of Razon’s Halo-Halo was always a delightful experience! It was always indeed a gastronomic pleasure at its best!

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