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Tagaytay Highlands: A Paradise Not Too Far From Home

Posted on: October 8, 2010

Tagaytay Highlands is a highly-exclusive Country Club just few minutes away from the busy life in the Metro. Me and my friends decided to visit the place to relax, bond and just enjoy our overnight stay at the  Highlands.

The first thing that you will see upon entry to the place is the perfectly-landscaped greenery that would really make you appreciate nature’s finest.

Me and my friends reached the place around 11am, dropped-off our things at the Highlands Inn, rested for a few minutes at our hotel room, then around 12nn, we decided to look for a good resto for lunch.

We ate at Toscana, a Japanese restaurant at the Country Club.

They serve authentic Japanese cuisine.  The food was good as well as the service.  Aside from Japanese food, the Highlands has tons of international gastronomic treats—-from Filipino cuisines to Thai to Italian and a lot more.  Overall, being at the Highlands was a food adventure for us.  It was a great place for all foodies, try as much restos as you can! for sure you will enjoy it!  Not to mention the nice view from the restos near the  pool area at  the Country Club and the lush greens at the Golf Club. Unfortunately, since we were there on a weekday, we were not able to try Geraldine’s Ice Cream Parlour and Snack Bar which was only open on weekends.

Being at the Highlands will not be complete without the cable car ride—The cable car will take you to the highest peak of the Highlands which gives you a magnificent view of the upper side of the mountain. It will take you to-and-from the Country Club and Golf Club. This was similar to that of  the cable car at Hong Kong only the zipline was shorter.

The Highlands was also perfect for all sports buff. It can be a venue for all types of sports—-swimming, golf, badminton, valleyball, horseback riding, fishing and any kind of sports you could ever imagine.  Since we all love to swim, swimming was something really fun for us!  Thumbs up to the excellent landscaping at the pool area! This gives you a nice ambiance while you swim. You can also try the indoor pool at the Sports Club.

Next was our tour to the Animal Farm. It was a well-maintained animal sanctuary which featured several types of fishes, birds, monkeys, snakes and even a big tiger! It was ages since I last visited a place similar to this. It was like I was back in High School or Premed having to learn and see animals for a Science class.  (My friend, Lalaine Postrano on the photo).

I will not forget Lalaine saying, “Pagkain! Pagkain! Pahinging pagkain!” upon hearing the loud roar of the tiger at the Animal Farm!

It also amazed me seeing the small monkeys eating corn. I suddenly remembered my teachers back in High School discussing the remarkable behavioral similarities of humans and monkeys.

Sad thing we were not able to try the Fanicular ride (a train ride to-and-from the Golf Club down to the Midlands) due to technical maintenance.

I’ve heard good things about their Spa and Lodge. We were not able to try it due to time constraints and it was a bit expensive than regular spas (roughly 1000++ per head).

Before we left the Highlands, upon seeing a perfect view of the Taal Lake near the exit area, good thing Kuya Larry (the one who drove the car and fetched us) stopped the car so we could take some group pictures.

Since the Highlands is an exclusive (members-only) Country Club, a good trick is to find a member that could sponsor your stay.  Another thing,  it’s better to bring your own car upon visiting Highlands because sometimes there were time intervals with regards to the availability of the shuttle service. I think it’s also better to go there on a weekend since some restos such as Geraldine’s were only open on weekends. I think Trellis Grill was available on weekends too!  However, Highlands is a bit crowded on weekends according to some employees there.

Our stay at Highlands was so much fun! Aside from all the activities the place could offer, nothing beats the moments we’ve captured, the stories we’ve shared and the time we’ve spent with each other. I hope to spend more time with you guys again and again! Thank you for the gift of friendship! Hugs and kisses!!!

Photos by Jayson Porte and Lalaine Postrano


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